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About me

Hi, welcome to my blog! 

  Who am I?  

I'm known as Lily (or Diabolikal Lily / Lily Skaði) around the net. I used the nick Diabolikal Lily for the first time around 2001 and Lily Skaði from the 28th April 2015. Now even some of my closest friends call me Lily.

I'm from Barcelona, Spain. My age? Let's say I always turn 18 (although I'm older) and I like many other things.

I'm currently a student of Dog Grooming in Artero International Academy.

I like:  Drawing (anime style), photography, BJDs, Monster High dolls, fashion dolls, crafts, music, Japanese culture, watching Japanese dramas, Manga & Anime (old ones, now I'm out of fase), going to the cinema, walking and playing with my dog, animals (I'm a bat freak), Gothic and Visual Kei fashion, concerts, long haired guys, vampires, elves, Norse Mythology, vikings, fantasy, Tolkien, Tim Burton, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Tom Hiddleston, ...

Fave music: J-Rock and Metal (Gothic, Symphonic, Viking & Folk). Some Industrial and Death Metal and Hard Rock. Celtic and Medieval music sounds nice too.

Fave bands: Leaves' Eyes, Versailles, Moi dix Mois, X-Japan, D'espairsRay, Kamijo, Jupiter, Hizaki, HYDE/VAMPS, To/Die/For, Rammstein, Nightwish (with Tarja), Within Temptation, Ensiferum, The 69 Eyes, Midnattsol, Entwine, Poisonblack, Charon, Amon Amarth ...

Favourite movies: The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Interview with the Vampire, Marvel movies (not all), Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and other Tim Burton's movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Crow, The Terminator (1 &2), Back to the Future, Harry Potter, How to Train your Dragon, Toy Story, Ice Age and other animation movies.

Fave characters: Lestat (Interview with the vampire), Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Legolas (Lord of the Rings), Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho), Vegeta (Dragon Ball), Kurogane (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle), Severus Snape (Harry Potter).

Have I written I like drawing? Yes, I am on DeviantART, where I upload my artworks (fanarts and OC's) and some photos, but I don't like how this site has turned out. I upload all my artworks at pixivtumblr. and my Artblog too.

  How this blog began  

My first blog was Genwaku, dedicated to BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls) first and then I was interested in Monster High dolls as well. I like to take photos of my dolls and writing about my experiences and personal opinion about this hobby, but I began to write about other random subjects in that blog and I felt like I needed a new place where to write about those other subjects I want to share and are unrelated with dolls in general. That's how this blog was born on the 14th June 2015. Although you can see entries published in earlier years, they have been imported from my blog Genwaku.

  Why Valkyrie Memories  

I needed a name for this blog and after thinking and trying blog names generators, I thought that Valkyrie Memories would fit. I love Norse mythology and Viking history, my nick has the name of Skadi, a Norse goddess, and this blog is about my memories. As simple as that.

  Why is this blog bilingual  

In my other blogs and websites I use I have visits from many people who aren't Spanish speakers, so as I can write in English and it's a worldwide language, why not? This way more people can enjoy this blog. I use two columns for writing posts because is the easier way to find the language you want to read.

Tip: If you use a smartphone or tablet, you can perfectly read the two columns in horizontal.

  What you'll find in this blog  

Here you'll find many random stuff. From photos I take at parks to concerts I attend, movies I like, crafts I make or events and exhibitions I attend, among other things I feel to write and share. Although I may share some pics of my dolls, I invite you to visit my main blog for this subject because here I won't post much stuff about them if it's not necessary.

I hope you like and enjoy my blog. no matter if you come from Asgard, Midgard, Jötunheim or any other world.

May Odin be with you.

Lily ◕‿◕。

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